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Details & Logistics

There are many important factors to going abroad:

To Keep in Mind

  • Duration: 6 weeks to 18 months
  • Salary covers living costs, with the exception of some volunteer work
  • Selection Process: generally takes between 1 and 3 months to find and internship, apply, and complete the process
  • Airfare is not included in the AIESEC internship experience

Your Home AIESEC Committee

  • Access to AIESEC Internship Database
  • Assistance in finding a suitable internship
  • Guidance through application process
  • Communication with AIESEC Committee abroad
  • One-on-one support throughout application process, selection, and internship

Your Host AIESEC Committee

  • Application for required visa, work permit, and all necessary paperwork
  • Organization of your accomodation Integration into their local committee through organized events and activities
  • A Cultural Experience that is unforgettable

Local Network

Throughout your internship, you will be hosted by a local committee. That committee will arrange for your airport pickup, help you find housing or sometimes provide housing, help you adjust to cultural differences, and give you a real taste of life in that country. In many internship programs, you are often secluded with other interns in your work and living environment. They are the local experts who can give you the best advice and ensure you a safe and engaging experience during your stay.

AIESEC Work Abroad Programs

AIESEC consists of hundreds of Local Committees in 113 countries who connect with over 4,000 partners to create and develop internship opportunities in their cities. Local Committees communicate with one another to match these internships with potential interns from abroad. With 113 countries in our network and over 86,000 active members, AIESEC offers internship opportunities around the world and in four categories: Professional, Volunteering, Education and Technology.


Global Community Development Programs

Opportunities with AIESEC in the Global Community Development Program track are a fantastic way to experience a new culture. By working in a country for 6 weeks to 5 months in the development sector, you can connect with the community in ways that a study abroad program can never match. Teach English to elementary or middle school students in rural China or inner city Cairo, run a cultural summer camp for children in Russia with peers from a dozen countries, or educate high school students in Africa about preventing HIV and AIDS. These are just a sample of the types of internships that thousands of students participated in last year.

These opportunities are shorter in nature than the Global Internship Program, making them ideal for a summer activity or post-graduation sojourn. By living and working in the community as an equal, with the AIESEC network wanting to share their culture with you, doors will be opened and experiences will be shared that you will remember for a lifetime. All Global Community Development Program spots are guaranteed to either provide you with food and lodging or pay you a stipend with enough to cover those expenses, making them the ideal way to spend a summer abroad.

The professional and technology internships found through AIESEC are part of our broader effort to provide work experiences that will be culturally enlightening and relevant for your career. Experience business in a global environment while working for one of our international partners, such as DHL or PricewaterhouseCoopers in Marketing, Accounting, Business Administration, and more. Jump feet-first into the exploding markets in China and Brazil, or develop software for leading companies across Europe.

Global Internship Program spots generally last 6-18 months, so they are ideal for upper level students that can take time off or recent graduates looking for a foothold in an unstable local job market. These internships will often have foreign language requirements, as companies want to make a long-term investment in you as an employee. These internships are all paid positions, enough to live comfortably in the country and area where the employee will be living.

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Any student and graduate up to 2 years after school is eligible to go on an AIESEC internship – you don’t have to be a member of a Local Committee.


  • Educational Internship Program: Application fee $150. Match fee $350
  • Professional Internship Program: Application fee $150. Match fee $600
  • Volunteer Internship Program: Application fee $150. Match fee $350
  • Technology Internship Program: Application fee $150. Match fee $600.

The fee covers operations for both Local Committees. Education and Development internships also usually cover housing.


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