Volunteering abroad is a sure way to make your resume have more impact for future endeavors, whether for graduate school, employment, or even for an internship a year later. But how, exactly, can you go about doing that?

Funny enough, it’s actually rather simple. First, you can make an account here. Within the next 24 hours, an AIESEC representative will contact you and will help guide you through the process of applying, getting accepted, and paying.

AIESEC runs three cross-cultural exchange products that you must choose from to apply to - Global Volunteer, Global Entrepreneur, and Global Talent. But how do you choose what opportunity to go abroad through?

The Global Volunteer program is one in which an exchange participant would go abroad to one of 120+ countries to volunteer at an NGO or other public organization to work towards achieving one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN.

The Global Entrepreneur program is one in which an exchange participant would still be able to go abroad, but instead would work at a startup company in one of those countries.

Both of these programs require less experience, and are a good way to “beef up” a resume.

However, the Global Talent program is slightly different. It’s a global internship program in which each exchange participant is required to have more experience, whether it’s a bachelor’s degree or job experience, similar to any other internship or employment.

Once choosing which of these programs best fits you and your needs, you will be assigned a manager within an AIESEC local committee near you. That person will help you through the process of applying to an opportunity that best suits you and will be the bridge of communication between you and the opportunity manager, guiding you through the steps of the application and payment processes.