So you’ve found AIESEC, an amazing program to allow you to go on a cross-cultural exchange abroad and help you develop those soft skills necessary for life. You’re convinced - this is the perfect program for you, but how do you go about convincing the people that are in charge of you, or at least your finances - your parents?

Your decision alone sometimes isn’t enough. At times, our parents are our biggest supporters, but other times, they’re the biggest skeptics you could know - and for a good reason. They’ll ask all the important questions about AIESEC or the opportunity in and of itself.

However, in order to convince them of your position and to support you in going abroad for your perfect opportunity, you can follow these steps below:

First, find your motivation. Make sure you understand fully why it is you want to go abroad to volunteer through AIESEC. Why is it that you want to go abroad? Why did you choose AIESEC to do this? Why do you want to volunteer abroad through AIESEC?

Next, make sure to do your research. Understand the logistics, not only of the opportunity, but also of our organization AIESEC. Know what you’ll be doing, when you’ll be going, where you’ll be going, how it’ll be happening. Give them the specifics they need to know their child - you - will be safe. In order to get all of this information, you can talk to the AIESEC representative who’s been getting in contact with you to help you find and apply to your perfect opportunity. They will gladly help you in retrieving all this information.

Lastly, make sure to bring up possible challenges you could encounter on your journey. Think of anything that could possibly go wrong - flight getting delayed, difficulty navigating the airport there, currency exchanges, etc. - and solve them. There’s nothing like being solution-oriented and preparing for any possible difficulties on your own without your parents guiding you to do so that will help your parents understand you’re ready to go to another country on your own!

Talking through your exchange with your family can help raise important questions and concerns. They can make you face problems you might not have thought of ahead of time, such as a necessary visa or any vaccinations you might need to get.

Not only will going through this process help gain their support, but you may also receive advice from them that will help you on your journey. Your family just wants what’s best for you, so by following these three steps and showing what you’ll get out of this opportunity will help them understand your desire to go abroad to volunteer through AIESEC!