Impacting Climate Action in Argentina

Samantha Dowdy
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If you followed along with our recent post about the jaw-dropping places of Argentina, I bet that you are already in the process of planning your next stop in the beautiful country. If not however, then maybe this story will change your mind and make you take the plunge for booking those plane tickets!

This story follows the experience of Francesca Edralin, a sophomore at George Washington University in Washington D.C. Being an International Affairs major with a concentration in Environmental Studies, Francesca has been passionate about speaking out about climate action to enact change for a long time. 

This past summer, Francesca completed an AIESEC Global Volunteer Program in La Plata, Argentina (a short ride away from Buenos Aires), where she got to work for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #13, Climate Action. She had the opportunity to work as a marketing and advocacy member for an environmental Non-Governmental Organization known as Fundación Biosfera

While Francesca is an environmental advocate back home, working in a completely different culture presents many new challenges and opportunities. However, she was not alone during her journey. With the support of other volunteers from all over the world, an amazing host family, and AIESEC members from Argentina, Francesca was able to feel supported even while being 5,000+ miles away from home. 

Exploring a new country is not just about the work though, because the traveling side can often teach you so much about a different culture when you get to interact with new people and environments! Francesca was lucky enough to travel a lot during her weekends when she was not working. From renting out an AirBnB in Bariloche and hiking up mountains in Patagonia, to exploring one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature winners, Iguazu Falls, Francesca made the most of her 6 weeks in Argentina. 

Pushing herself further outside of her comfort zone than she ever has before, Francesca was able to gain so much from her volunteer experience. With making lifelong friends from all over the world, and now having a place that she can call home in Argentina, Francesca has a message: “To Argentina and all the incredible lovely souls I’ve made so many memories with, thank you for everything - hope to be back in the future!”

To learn more about Francesca’s time in Argentina, watch the following video that she created to document her experience:

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