AIESEC is partnered with the UN as a global youth-led organization that boasts its ability to help develop a leader in every youth it touches, all around the world. However, another important quality developed in AIESEC members and its exchange participants is becoming a global volunteer, but the meaning of this phrase, “global volunteer,” is seen as vague and undefined in the general sense when in all reality, it’s actually rather self-explanatory.

Becoming a global volunteer can happen simply by experiencing new cultures, making an impact, and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. Experiencing one of AIESEC’s Global Volunteer programs allows any member of the youth population to be a part of a cross-cultural experience for youth who want to gain personal development and leave an impact on the world, reaching all three of these qualities necessary in any world citizen.

In the AIESEC Global Volunteer program, volunteers would be working in a school or NGO for a program fee of only $550. This is for a six-week program and is much less expensive than many other programs, volunteer or not. In addition, you can take this opportunity and go global, as AIESEC is a part of over 120 different countries.

But a common issue between many people and the idea of volunteering globally is the thought of paying to volunteer. The idea that any exchange participant is not gaining anything through volunteering abroad puts many potential exchange participants off of going abroad, whether through AIESEC or another organization. However, our Global Volunteer projects around the world exist because as AIESEC, we choose to shape what we do based on what the world needs, formulating our projects around the 17 Sustainable Development Goals as stated by the UN. We have committed to assist in creating a youth movement to help achieve these goals by the year 2030. As an exchange participant, not only would you be able to help these global goals towards ridding the world of poverty, enforcing gender equality, creating equal opportunities for education, etc., but you would also learn how to engage with all kinds of people to empower others, surpass challenges yourself by being solution-oriented, making your contribution and seeing your impact real-time, and finding your own values, passions, and self by being more self-aware.

Being a global volunteer encompasses all of these values, and it is so important that more of our youth and future develops and uses these skills to help themselves and help the rest of the world’s population.

Because if we don't change the world, then who will?