Our Global Volunteer product helps nonprofit organizations source international volunteers to add diversity and cultural awareness to various programs. Check out our SDG aligned projects below.
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why Work With AIESEC?

AIESEC makes it easy to source volunteers from around the world and bring them to volunteer with you organization in the United States.

Positive Impact

Allow enthusiastic and passionate volunteers to participate in your project to create a positive social impact.
Develop a cross-cultural understanding by facilitating the interaction of volunteers with local communities.
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Global Perspective

Add a multicultural perspective to your team by welcoming our volunteers who care about global issues and can bring innovative solutions locally.

Continuous Improvement

Reduce your expenses and administration time as you obtain excellent volunteers with the necessary skills for your NGO. Members of AIESEC help introduce volunteers to local culture, as well as facilitate a pleasant experience for them in the host city.

How does it work

Get started with Global Volunteer in four easy steps

1. Sign Up

Sign-up in the form below and we will get back to you within 24 hours to get your process started.
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2. Describe your role

Specify the skills, background, and volunteer job description you are looking to fill.

3. Screening Process

We will do the screening for you and present you with videos and profiles to review on a rolling basis.

4. Visa & Delivery

Once you have selected your volunteers, we will handle the logistics including visas, insurance, etc.


Get started with Global Talent in four easy steps

1. Sign up

Sign-up in the form below and we will get back to you within 24 hours to get your process started.

2. Describe your role

Specify the skills, backgrounds, and job descriptions you're looking to fill.

3. Screening Process

We’ll do the screening for you and present you with a shortlist of profiles for you to interview.

4. Visa & Delivery

Once you have selected your candidates we handle the J1 visa sponsorship and reception for the intern.

What are the requirements?

Some requirements of working with Global Volunteer include:

  • Organization has to be a 501(c)3 non-profit
  • Has to be able to provide housing or help to find housing for volunteers
  • Has to be able to provide at least 25 hours of work for the volunteers weekly
  • Volunteers will be expected to be part of a project for 6-8 weeks
  • Volunteers are not meant to replace paid employees
  • Provide leadership development spaces during the project in the form of feedback or self-reflection

What projects do we have right now?

We currently have several SDG aligned projects that you can take part in and recruit volunteers for. These projects are samples and are able to be modified as per the organizations needs.

For NGOs

Volunteers can participate in a variety of projects. We receive the volunteers at the airport once they arrive and prepare them for the cultural experience they will be living. We bring them to their first day of work where they will meet you and start their project! Take a look at the projects and let us know if you are interested in working with us!
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For Nonprofit Summer Camps

We work with the SDGs Quality Education and Reducing Inequalities with overnight summer camps. Traditionally, summer camps provide 3 meals a day and accomodation for the duration of the project. We work with summer camps of all types. Take a look at our past projects!

For Schools

We are able to work schools that are 501c3 certified. We believe in quality education for all and look forward to be able to work with schools around the country.

Internationaler Austausch


AIESEC was founded in 1948 in 7 countries in Europe to prevent similar conflicts as World War II. Now, more than 68 years later, we are present in over 126 countries and territories and still growing providing culture exchange programs for youth.


Since 1948, AIESEC has promoted cultural exchange. Since then we have helped thousands of young people live a unique experience abroad.


AIESEC is a youth-led organization for youth. We offer the opportunity to get to know other young people with different cultural backgrounds, to live with them and to work.


For those who want to get involved socially and want to work with the local chapters on their projects, AIESEC offers an easy way to find a suitable project.