Project site help guide

Use this simple guide to access the site and edit projects!
Accessing The Editor
To access the editor, go to From there, a grey bar on the bottom will pop up and ask for a username and password. Use the credentials provided by Fenja, Greta, or Kip to log in.
Creating a Project
When you access the Editor, you’ll see your live website with the Editor toolbar (the gray bar) collapsed at the bottom of your screen. Through this toolbar, you can access the various Editor panels where you can manage page settings, collections, and your Editor account. You can also see and publish the changes you make through the Editor. The "collections" section is where your country pages and project pages live. You'll use these sections to dynamically edit the content.
To start, click on the "collections" tab and then "projects". You'll be presented with a full list of every project on the website, active and drafted. When a project is "published" it means that our users can see it. When a project is "staged" that means we can see it, but it will be published when we are done editing. When a project is "drafted" that means we have it hidden from users until we toggle the drafted status off.
- Click the green "+ New Project" button on the top left corner of the screen.
- You'll be presented with a clean and simple form that you can use to create a project.
- You must use the role title + city to categorize every project. We do this because we display our projects to users based on role, not the project name or country.
- Follow the instructions under each form bar until you've completed the project. Once you're done, press "create". This will stage the project for preview and you can view it on your editor.
- When you are satisfied with the site, simply press "Publish" on the bottom right corner of the screen.
IMPORTANT: The "slug" is the part of the final URL that will show up on search results. Do not leave the slug as a number. Instead, use the role title AND city together: