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Eau Claire

AIESEC in Eau Claire is a professional and globally minded group that believes in the value of broadening perspectives and in our ability as youth to make an impact for our future generations. We are looking for individuals who seek continuous growth, enjoy participation and are looking for new opportunities to challenge themselves!

Fall 2020 Recruitment Information:

Looking to join this local committee? Check out our information sessions!

9/3, 5-6pm, CENT1204
9/10,5-6pm, CENT1204
9/11, 5-6pm, http://bit.ly/aiesecrecruitinfo
9/16, 5-6pm, CENT1204
9/17, 5-6pm, CENT1204
9/24, 5-6pm, CENT1204

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Emerson Ngu

A Word From One of Our Members

Emerson | Economics & Psychology major

"AIESEC is a continuous journey of self awareness and personal development. It constantly challenges you to adapt to new circumstances, finding new ways to optimize our performance and make the most out of our role."

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AIESEC United States
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E-Mail: info@aiesecus.org
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