AIESEC In Ohio is a fun, tight knit group of students whose ambition is to Encourage, Enlighten, and Empower other young people through leadership development. As a Local Committee of AIESEC United States, we offer networking, workshops, and leadership development through challenging opportunities. AIESEC in Ohio is a professional and culturally aware team that believes in establishing a positive presence through daily action. We are seeking individuals who aren't afraid to work hard and play hard, are interested in joining a close community, and want to develop personally, and are interested in cross cultural awareness through global exchange. We're excited to see you join our team!

Fall 2020 Recruitment Information:

Looking to join this local committee? Check out our information sessions!

Tuesday Sept. 8 at 8 pm
Thursday Sept. 17 at 7 pm

Thursday Sept. 24 at 7 pm

Game Night:

Thursday Sept. 10 at 7 pm

Feel free to RSVP to our events here

Applications close on Friday September 25th

Phase One Interviews (individual interviews) begin on September 16th and end September 25th.

If applicants pass the individual interview, Phase Two Interviews (group interview day) is on Saturday, September 26th.

All applicants will hear back from each interview process within 48 hours of the interview.

Our local conference for new members is on the weekend of September 18th!

Questions? Contact
Anna Leatherwood

A Word From One of Our Members

110 Wall Street
New York, NY 10005
AIESEC in the United States
Tel: (212) 757-3774
E-Mail: info@aiesecus.org
AIESEC United States
110 Wall Street, New York, NY
Tel: (212) 757-3774
E-Mail: info@aiesecus.org
AIESEC is a non-governmental and non-profit organization with advisory status to the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), affiliated to UN DPI, a member of ICMYO and recognized by UNESCO. AIESEC International is registered as Foundation (Stichting), RSIN # 807103895 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.