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About The Project

After going through an initial preparation, Global Volunteers will be responsible to create awareness on the SDGs, as well as local and global issues in collaboration with schools. Activities will be run through a non-formal education method, addressing both the knowledge of young people on the SDGs and the development of skills that will make youth world citizens. Main activities Gain knowledge on SDGs, skills of 2030, global and local issues, elements and qualities of a Global Citizen; Prepare and execute introductory lessons about SDGs, bring awareness to the current issues happening in the local community and how youth can act upon them; Create workshops and group activities related to the skills needed to become sustainable and global citizens; Train youth on Global Citizen qualities and make an assessment on their development Initiate and deliver Global Action Week for Education campaign.

Program Fee


Meals & Accomodation

Accommodation is provided and is covered by the program fee.
1 meal per day provided.
The project has an additional small project fee to be paid in the hosting country:


Take it to the next level by exploring a new culture and environment as you work in a startup abroad.


Every entrepreneur begins somewhere! Learn what it takes to run a venture through gaining hands-on experience for yourself.


Make the right connections and grow your professional network to support your future entrepreneurial ventures.


If you don't try and experience new things, you'll never find your full potential. Challenge yourself, and discover the best version of you.

Experience New Cultures

There's nothing quite like being in a brand new country, living and volunteering with people from all around. Imagine the things you'd learn!


You can make a difference in the world, it starts with that first step. Contribute towards the Sustainable Development Goals & tackle the issues you're most passionate about.

Find the industry for you

Our pool of opportunities are growing across fields - we're sure you'll find one best fitting your background and experiences.

Gain a professional edge

Our partners are dedicated to providing you an enriching experience sure to put you ahead of your peers.

Expand your network for the future

Make the right connections and grow your professional network to support your future entrepreneurial ventures.

Program Fees

Global Volunteer $550
Global Entrepreneur $650
Global Talent $700
Viewing our projects online and signing up is free. As soon as a the participant is accepted to the program and signs the contract, the program fee of the project will need to be paid. This fee does not include the flight, visa or insurance costs. Please verify with your specific opportunity manager if accommodation and food will be provided. A small fee for the accommodation might be added to cover additional costs of the project.

Eligibilty Requirements

Volunteers and interns must be at least 18 years old. For volunteering there are no prerequisites regarding experience or previous knowledge, for internships the specific requirements are stated in the opportunity. Language requirements depend on the project, but basic knowledge of English should normally be sufficient. AIESEC stands for equal treatment in terms of origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, ethnic or social affiliation.

How It WorKS

Finde ein Projekt im Ausland


Find the opportunity that matches you
Bewirb dich auf ein Projekt im Ausland


Fill out the signup form, fill out your profile and apply for opportunities
Interview zu deinem Auslandsprojekt


You will be contacted by the opportunity manager to clarify all details
Erhalte die Zusage für dein Projekt


If you pass the selection, the next step is to pay and become approved!
Geh ins Ausland


AIESEC Supports you before, during and after the exchange

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